Long Island Commercial Lifts

Many people with handicaps face a ton of different complications when it comes to mobility every day of their lives. Getting up and down the stairs at your Long Island home may be one of those complications that can easily be met with your choice of a handicap lift solution provided by An Excelsior Elevator. These mechanisms are designed for people to sit down since many handicapped individuals lack the ability to stand. This is one of the benefits from installing a handicap lift. They are also designed to operate in the same area as the stairs and thus are sometimes called stair lifts.


New Stair Lifts Guarantee High Quality and Performance

At An Excelsior Elevator, we put to use to latest technology providing consumers with a much higher quality with the never before. There is a wide range of list to choose from, so we are confident that you will find the perfect one to fit your specific needs. These new stair lifts are designed to make users feel much more comfortable in multistoried homes where the mechanism will enable the consumer to go up and down a staircase with great ease.


Made To Fit

There is nothing standard when it comes to installing a handicap lift in a consumer’s home. A trained technician will come to your home and design the perfect left to fit your specific space needs that will be available in a variety of different colors to make it compatible with your chosen scheme.


Handicap Lift Installation Relieves Worry

Often, the ability to climb up and down the stairs at your Long Island home presents a challenge as people get older. Additionally, sudden illness or a tragic accident might present challenges for an individual to use that second floor bedroom that they’ve used all their lives. If indeed now exists because an individual can no longer use stairs, a great deal of anxiety and stress can be relieved by the installation of one of our high quality handicap lifts, or stair lifts.