Elevator Maintenance

One area of specialization possessed by An Excelsior Elevator that is quite appealing to consumers is our ability to modernize existing elevator systems bringing them up to date with much greater, and safer, operational abilities. Sometimes elevators operating continuously after decades now have drive systems and controls that are possibly less reliable even if the mechanism has had high-quality consistent maintenance throughout the years. As time progresses, elevator breakdowns increase in frequency. Repairs become more difficult to conduct since older elevators may now have obsolete components making replacement harder, if not impossible. However, it is An Excelsior Elevator’s experience that many Long Island-based elevators can be fitted with new state-of-the-art controls that can easily increase the efficiency of the existing mechanism. Additionally, car finishes that passengers do every day may become quite dated calling for time to modernize, and we can find your solution.


In-Depth Analysis

Here’s another reason why you should consider doing business with an Excelsior elevator – we offer an in-depth analysis of your present elevator operating system whether you’re a client of ours are not. More frequently than not a determination about problems existing with present elevator systems are due to the result of ineffective maintenance. This can easily be rectified with immediate repairs that are then supported by the adoption of an effective maintenance program. In some situations, equipment age, years of wear and tear as well as the lack of effective service may dictate that any more extensive approach to modernizing your system is needed. In order to determine the condition of your system before any recommendations can be made, our experienced staff of inspectors and consultants guided by a field manager will make a thorough examination of your corporate and then collaboratively put together a specific modernizing proposal that will provide the best plan for upgrading. All of our proposals are the most concrete answers with regards to new materials and equipment eliminating any unneeded components.


Engineering Is Included

This is one of those small print packages every consumer seeking services from an elevator company should make sure that they read. Not all elevator companies including engineering as part of the overall project cost. We do. All consumers receive professionally prepared layout drawings that are executed to scale also afflicting the complete scope of the project. These submitted drawings will always include any structural review with supporting calculations prepared by a New York license structural engineer. Wherever applicable, all submittal packages will include a manufacturer’s specifications that include cut sheets, drawings and other selection approval forms. At An Excelsior Elevator, great pride is taken to eliminate any and all surprises. Therefore consumers are happy not to see change orders, delays, add-ons or false starts. The reason this can be accomplished is striving at all times for high-quality workflow that includes completing excellent site surveys, appropriate planning, top-notch engineering, effective purchasing along with productive scheduling. We pride ourselves in keeping open lines of communication with our consumers while cordoning all efforts between clients and our staff for necessary project follow-ups. Our expertise gained in 23 years of experience allows us to meet the most challenging and toughest projects including the most complicated elevator modernization programs with hydraulic jack replacements, deluxe car interior refinishing, control mechanism upgrades, drive machine replacements and winding drum conversions. Simply put, An Excelsior Elevator can do it all, and will do it for you.