Long Island Elevator Repair

It doesn’t make a difference if your facility is a two-story, small retail operation or you own a high rise office building in an industrial park somewhere on Long Island. All of our consumers are happy to receive the high-quality level of superior elevator repair that has become the hallmark of an Excelsior Elevator Company. There are a few aspects that are consumers have come to expect when it comes to high quality elevator repair that includes:


  • All technicians are New York certified elevator mechanics
  • All technicians are constantly involved in continuing education provided by manufacturers and local unions
  • An Excelsior Elevator and initializes periodic preventative maintenance programs on weekly, biweekly and monthly schedules in order to minimize future repair costs
  • the company offers emergency response service available 24 hours per day, seven days per week
  • The company maintains manageable service roots throughout the Long Island area so consumers are not kept waiting
  • Our technicians have the knowledge of the full range of equipment including both non-proprietary or proprietary
  • An Excelsior Elevator uses specialized repair teams that support company route mechanics
  • The company also is capable of engineering support for any custom design solutions necessary


Consumers will discover that many elevator repair and maintenance companies in the area provide exceptionally lower monthly billing rates. Yet, few consistently excel in providing the same level of quality and service that An Excelsior Elevator can.  Keep in mind that often the initial perception of savings on a monthly repair bill for many service companies often leads to unnecessary shutdowns and unwanted repairs that can become quite costly when service is either insufficient or ineffective.