Long Island Commercial Elevators

At an Excelsior elevator, we install nonproprietary custom elevator packages. What this means is we can put together an eclectic elevator installation package since we are a non-manufacturer of a standard line of elevator products. This allows us to provide you with the flexibility for meeting specific needs for your particular building. Through the installation of eclectic, non-proprietary product, we are never limited to an elevator’s capacity, speed, pit depths or hoistway sizes. An Excelsior Elevator is capable for installing systems in any type of building regardless the size and type of passenger elevator needed. Our experience installing elevator systems includes, but is not limited to, retail stores, warehouses, high-rise buildings, hotels, hospitals, factories and schools. When you do business with An Excelsior Elevator, you would never be limited to what is referred to as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) excepting only a standard product. Our ability as an industry leader with experience in new installations will lead to custom fitting an elevator system to meet your specific job limitations.


Service Building Systems

An Excelsior Elevator can provide consumers with service buildings that exceed five stories with a traction elevator equipment system that can increase speeds and capacities. These systems are custom designed traction elevator equipment that can match any capacity or existing hoistway condition as well as present speed. This can be accomplished by either using a geared or gearless hoisting equipment traction elevator that would be designed for speeds of 200-1800 ft./m. These specific hoisting machines can be fitted with either DC or AC technology driven by solid state controls.


Five Stories or Less

Service buildings constructed that are five stories or less typically can be outfitted with hydraulic elevator equipment. An Excelsior Elevator custom designs hydraulic elevator equipment. With custom designs, consumers can have equipment that suits any specific speed, capacity or existing gristly condition that is specified within the limitations of what a hydraulic elevator can accomplish. Normally, a hydraulic elevator product should be limited to three-story building applications where the desired speed is no more than 200 ft./m. Rising costs in the industry accompanied by geological issues continue to have great impact upon the non-bore hole market within the hydraulic segment of the industry. This has created demand for greater research pushing the envelope of capabilities in the hydraulic segment where a solution for a better cost competitive, yet reliable medium, or midrise, solution is necessary.


Bridging the Gap with Recent Technology

The MRL (Machine Room Less) elevator is one of the most innovative technologies to hit the industry lately. This particular equipment has been designed to meet the ever increasing gap existing between hydraulic and traction markets. The MRL may just be the best solution for buildings exceeding ideal height and speed limitations for any hydraulic product. The MRL allows elevator operations in these types of buildings to which strains many of the benefits from traction technology while only sustaining costs a bit above the hydraulic technology. The benefits employing a MRL elevator system include:


  • No machine room necessary, thus freeing up space
  • No borehole is necessary as needed in a traditional hydraulic elevator system thus avoiding any Environmental Protection Agency issues
  • Due to its compact design, and MRL elevator increases placement flexibility
  • An MRL elevator is considerably more reliable in any midrise building than that posed by a hydraulic elevator
  • It is priced but modestly above a hydraulic elevator